Institute for Developing New Generation Managers [IDNM].

About Our Institute

IDNM, a premier educational institution, is an academic fraternity of individuals dedicated develop the competent ‘New generation managers' .

We strive to reach Strives to provide trainees proper motivation, right kind of attitudes, positive mind set, and development of total personality, development of needed scientific and modern analytical tools, adequate knowledge to understand, judge and deal with various activities, processes, functions and deliverables of business and industry, govt. co-operatives and other sectors of the economy.

We shall meet the demand of the corporate particularly middle level corporate and all other stakeholders to ensure their comprehensive growth on sustainable basis by generating immense benefit in particular and also to accelerate the growth of the country’s economy in general.


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Institute for Developing New Generation Managers [IDNM].




The IDNM is a new age Institute endeavors to develop efficient and knowledgeable new age managers to understand the needs of the society and aspirations of the people, and to meet the challenges of fast changing socio-politico-economic structures and systems, paradigm shifts in policy formulation, modernization, and globalization, and also to avail the new opportunities thrown up fully well.
















Indian industry must rise to the challenge of making our growth processes both efficient and inclusive. This is our endeavor in Government. It will have to be yours too and I seek your partnership in making a success of this giant national enterprise. If those who are better off do not act in a more socially responsible manner, our growth process may be at risk, our polity may become anarchic and our society may get further divided. I invite corporate India to be a partner in making ours a more humane and just society.

- Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, at CII AGM on May 24, 2007

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